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Proud to be the new East Coast Center for the G-Class, we have dedicated resources to better serve the G-Wagon clientele. Our top-rated Sales Consultants are particularly equipped to assess the distinctive demands of a G-Class customer.

Mercedes-Benz of Caldwell has built lasting partnerships to ensure an extensive selection of G-Wagons—one of the most robust in the Tri-State area.

And even as our inventory continues to expand past our initial 12 vehicles, customers have begun to place orders on vehicles that have yet to arrive—some willing to be put on a waitlist for specific models.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to test drive or reserve your own, please feel free to contact the East Coast G-Class Center.

G-Wagon Models

G 550 SUV
MSRP $123,600
MSRP $142,800
G-Class G 550 and AMG G 63 SUV
G 550 4x4 SUV
MSRP $227,300
MSRP $222,700
G-Class G550 4x4 SUV and AMG G 65 SUV

G-Wagon Features

Mercedes-Benz engineers created the G-Wagon to be a vehicle that could literally go the distance — any distance — and back. Its sense of fashion was born of the surety of its function. Conceived and crafted to earn the respect and trust of its drivers, it’s won something even rarer: their affection.

It was created over a 38-year evolution and offers the pinnacle of refinement.
G Class
It takes more than 40 hours to craft each G-Class, virtually entirely by hand.
G Class
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